• Comment Tracker

  • 19$

    month / 1 account
    • View comments
    • Answer with emojis
    • Mark as Important
    • Mark as Resolved
    • Delete comments
    • View comments history

    All Comment Tracker functionality is available in one package

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  • Direct Messaging

  • 33$

    month / 1 account
    • Send direct messages to your followers
    • Send direct messages to all new followers
    • Send direct messages using your list
    • Add text, emojis and an image
    • Spintax format comments
    • Wide range of filters for targeting
    • Automatic pauses to comply with Instagram policy
    • Separate message for each type of campaign

    All Direct functionality is available in one package. Launch a direct campaign to drive more sales and attract attention to yourself. This functionality it totally unique across all other services

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  • Promotion and Posting

  • 42$

    month / 1 account
    • Auto followers Instagram
    • Auto like photos
    • Auto comment photos
    • Promotion by competitor’s followers
    • Promotion by hashtag owner
    • Promotion by hashtag liker
    • Promotion by own list
    • Manage multiple accounts
    • Edit profile
    • Lots of filters for targeting

    All Promo + Posting functionality is available in one package

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