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Instagram accounts Promotion

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Auto Follow Instagram

InstaGo! will save heaps of time by automating all routine tasks: auto like, auto follow, auto comment and auto unfollow. Promote by hashtags, by competitors accounts, by geo location

Full Control

We have a set of filters for precise targeting, to filter out bots and shops. Filters include: gender, max followers, max following, max post age etc. Select activities (like, comment, follow) for each promo

No limits

In our system you can promote and control any amount of Instagram accounts - all in one place

Easy Setup

Intuitive setup, videos and tutorials available. Also, our friendly support is able to help with the setup and consult on the best practices


We work hard to ensure your safety. We provide best practices and recommendations as well as adequate hourly/daily limits to stay below the radar

Works Offline

There's no need to download or install anything. Our Instagram Followers Bot works in cloud even when you turn off your computer. Just setup and go

Direct Talking

You can easily answer to your clients or followers, just from our System

In development

Comment Tracking

Keep all of your comments in one place and easily answer on it, just from our System

Schedule Videos

We provide an ability to schedule an unlimited number of videos ahead of time. Just select a video, set when to publish and forget

In development

Instagram Promotion

InstaGo! will get more followers to your account by automatically liking, commenting, following and unfollowing your target audience using your criteria.

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Schedule Posts Online

Using Schedule functionality you can plan the publication of your posts for many weeks ahead and InstaGo! will publish your posts on the specified date and time

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Send Direct Messages Automatically

InstaGo! will automatically send an unlimited number of Direct Messages from the web to your followers using filters or a list

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Instagram Promotion and Posting
$39 month / 1 account

All Promo + Posting functionality
is available in one package

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Instagram Direct Messaging
$32 month / 1 account

All Direct functionality is available in one package. Launch a direct campaign to drive more sales and attract attention to yourself

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Comment Tracker
$19 month / 1 account

All Comment Tracker functionality is available in one package. Launch a direct campaign to drive more sales and attract attention to yourself

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